Separation Anxiety Dog Training

Living with a dog who suffers from separation anxiety can be emotionally taxing as you are forced to change your routine in order to accommodate your anxious dog, often by having to ensure that they are never left alone. But there is hope!

Treatment for separation anxiety is possible, and through our online consultations, we can condition your dog or puppy to settle and relax when left at home alone and get your life back to normal.

Alpine Dog’s Saundra Clow is an SA (Separation Anxiety) Pro TrainerTM based in Pemberton, BC and serving Whistler and the surrounding area.  With more than ten years of experience working with dogs, Saundra is one of British Columbia’s leading dog trainers and behaviour consultants.

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Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

When left alone, does your dog…

  • Pace, whine, bark or howl?
  • Try to escape by clawing at your doors or windows?
  • Show destructive behaviours like chewing on furniture?
  • Have housetraining accidents?

How can you help?

Training for separation anxiety in dogs is held online over Zoom, as your dog would likely act differently if a trainer was in the house with you. First we’ll get started with a 90-minute virtual Initial Consultation to assess your dog. Following the initial assessment, we customize an easy to follow, step by step treatment plan for your dog and lifestyle. Using science-based methods I will teach you how to gradually expose your dog to being on his own in small steps that he’s able to manage.


Getting your life back to normal

Separation Anxiety Initial Consultation

1 x 60 min virtual session

The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to learn more about your dog and your goals for treatment. We will discuss putting in place management techniques as well as conduct an assessment of your dog to evaluate their threshold for being alone.

Separation Anxiety Consultations are held online over Zoom. Based on the assessment, we will determine which package is the most appropriate and a treatment plan will be customized especially for your dog and lifestyle. Initial Consultations are mandatory before commencing any of our Separation Anxiety Training Packages.

Cancellation Policy – Consultations are non-refundable. We require 48 hours notice for any schedule changes.

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Separation Anxiety 4-week Package

4-week Package

We’ll help you every step of the way with unlimited support for 4 consecutive weeks.

Package includes:

  • 4 x weekly 45 min virtual sessions
  • Customized training plans (5 per week = 20 plans total)
  • Unlimited email support 5 days a week
  • Unlimited video reviews 5 days a week

Before commencing any of our Separation Anxiety Training Packages, you must schedule an Initial Consultation. Separation Anxiety Training Sessions are held online over Zoom.

Once your 4-week package is completed, we will go over options to suit your budget for continued support to continue your training after the first month.

Cancellation Policy – Training packages are non-refundable. We require 48 hours notice for any schedule changes.

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