Frequently Asked Questions

What is separation anxiety?

For the sake of simplicity, the term separation anxiety is used by Saundra as an umbrella term to cover both clinical separation anxiety (where a dog is hyper-attached to one specific individual and panic sets in if they are away from that one individual) and isolation distress (a dog that panics if they are left alone, but are ok as long as a human is with them).
Both clinical separation anxiety and isolation distress are treated using systematic desensitization, and Saundra is qualified to help with both.
If your dog shows signs of distress when alone, that may include barking, howling, destruction, housetraining accidents, pacing or other signs of stress, you are in the right place. Saundra can help you!

How do you treat separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is treated using systematic desensitization. This is a process where we slowly and systematically expose your dog to being alone in a way that doesn't elicit a fear response.
Sounds simple right?
If only it was. There are so many variables and nuances to this process, having a certified separation anxiety dog trainer like Saundra on your team can make all the difference.
Cookie cutter training plans like leaving for one minute, then five, then ten are not our approach. Saundra works with you and your individual dog on a daily basis with a fully customized training plan written for you to ensure we are making progress.

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