Alpine Dogs Training Collective

Membership program
Weekly meet-ups, every Sunday

Collective / col·​lec·​tive / n.
A group of individuals with shared values working together to achieve a common objective.

Alpine Dogs Training Collective is a force-free training group for reactive dogs; created to educate, connect, and empower our dog community. As a member of the Training Collective you can join as many meet-ups as you’d like within the 3-month period (weekly registration required).

While these weekly meet-ups will benefit dogs who are fearful or leash reactive, we also welcome those looking to train with their dogs around distractions. All meet-ups will be guided by Saundra, our Certified Dog Trainer, who will be helping everyone progress through their training plan.

For current or past Alpine Dogs training clients only.

Not a client?
Register for an initial consult or email us so we can create a behaviour modification plan for you and your dog.

Perks of Membership

  • Unlimited access to weekly Sunday meet-ups in Whistler and Pemberton
  • Get support from our online dog community through the Alpine Dogs FB group for Reactive Dogs
  • 10% off all Group and Private Training Packages*
  • 10% off all products from the Alpine Dogs Online Shop*

*Must be purchased with an active Membership

Benefits for you and your dog

  • Weekly practice working on your dog’s training plan in a controlled setting with other dogs & people in the environment
  • Meet other reactive dog owners and join a community of like-minded people working to help their dogs using positive reinforcement training
  • Perfect your parallel walking skills

What You’ll Need

  • Harness and/or a nylon collar (no chain collars)
  • Nylon leash (no retractable leashes)
  • High value food rewards. Great options include chicken, roast beef or cheese (a mixture is best)
  • Treat pouch or fanny pack for hands-free training

We recommend the Freedom No-Pull Harness for walking reactive dogs, which you can purchase through us.

Alpine Dogs

Training Collective

3-month Spring Membership (March – May)

First meet-up Sunday March 7th

Weekly meet-ups every Sunday, alternating between Whistler and Pemberton. Registration required.

When: Sun Mar 7 | Mar 21 | Apr 4 | Apr 18 | May 2 | May 16 | May 30 (Whistler)
Mar 14 | Mar 28 | Apr 11 | Apr 25 | May 9 | May 23 (Pemberton)
Where: Location TBA
Time: 1:30pm – 2:30pm | 3:00pm – 4:00pm (Whistler only)

Requirement: For current or past Alpine Dogs training clients only.

Cancellation policy: Memberships are non-refundable. When appropriate, we can offer a credit transfer to one of our other services that must be used within 60 days of purchase.

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