Happy Dogs Raw Tripe & Chicken


Tripe is the delicacy of the dog world! It is easily digested, full of nutrients and many dogs who are suffering from digestive or other ailments do VERY well on tripe! The downside to tripe, it stinks to our noses, especially when fresh (dogs, however, think it smells fantastic!). If you’re a little sensitive to the smell, just feed it frozen.

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100% Canadian Quality Raw Food for Pets! Handmade in Langley, BC using high quality, human consumption grade meat and vegetables sourced only from BC & Alberta. Pre-portioned into convenient, snap-apart, 1/4lb cubes for easy feeding and measuring.

All of the Happy Dogs Complete Nutrition Blends were specially formulated by a certified canine nutritionist to have everything in it that your dog needs to live a healthy life.

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1lb, 9lb, 31lb


50% green beef tripe, 50% whole chicken


Protein 17% min, fat 11.3% min, moisture 66%, fibre 0.37%


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