Reactive Dogs

4-week program

60 minute online classes

Our Online Reactive Dogs program is designed to give you the knowledge, tools and skills to help you with your reactive dog. This program is suitable for dogs who are leash reactive, fearful, anxious, struggle to settle at home, bark at people or dogs etc. We will cover understanding reactivity and how to change your dog’s behaviour. We will also work on leash walking skills, creating calmness at home for barking and management strategies to help address your dog’s reactivity.


Optional Add-on

Register for any of our Online Group Classes and you’ll get the option to add one 60 minute Private Online Training session for a discounted rate of $100 + GST. Must be purchased & booked at time of class registration.


All you need to know

Skills Learned & Topics Explored in this program:
  • Understanding Reactivity
  • How to Help your Dog Overcome Reactivity
  • Leash Skills
  • Emergency U-Turns
  • Reinforcement Strategies
  • Reading your Dog’s Body Language
  • Enrichment Ideas
  • Parallel Walking Skills
  • Decompression Walks
You will need the following items for each class:
  • Your dog wearing a collar or harness, and their leash nearby
  • High value food rewards. Great options include chicken, roast beef, cheese (a mixture is best).
  • Treat pouch or fanny pack for hands-free training
  • Chew sticks (bully sticks) or frozen kong to keep your dog occupied for portions of class where we are not working with them
  • Bed or mat for your dog
  • Water bowl & water nearby
Cancellation Policy:

We require 48 hours notice to withdraw enrollment in a class. Class registrations are non-refundable. When appropriate, we can offer a credit transfer to one of our other services that must be used within 60 days of purchase.


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