Private Training


Private training sessions are designed to address your specific training goals or possibly work on a particular behavioral issue.  These sessions are personally tailored to suit your needs. We advocate positive, rewards based training programs that are both fun and effective for you and your dog or puppy.


– Early Puppy Training
– House Training Accidents
– Puppy Biting
– Chewing
– Barking
– Jumping Up
– Coming when Called
– Leash Pulling
– Confidence Around Other Dogs
– Barking
– Separation Anxiety
– Aggressive Dog Behaviour
– Fearfulness
– Dog Sports Training
– Clicker Training
– Newly Adopted Dogs


Get Started Today!
We knew when we adopted Scooby that some training would be needed quickly for all of us!  Working with Saundra through the Basic Manners training was an invaluable resource that both us as owners, and Scooby have  greatly benefited from.  
Scooby goes out on hikes every Tuesday and we have the comfort of knowing that we’ll return home to a happy and very tired dog! The reaction Saundra receives when she pulls up in the truck lets us know how well-cared for and excited he is to be going out with Alpine Dogs!

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