Covid-19 Response & Winter Operations Update


Alpine Dogs biggest priority for the upcoming winter season is to ensure the health and safety of all our clients, staff and community. We continue to monitor new developments daily to ensure our operations follow the latest federal and provincial policies and recommendations.

To enhance safety across our adventure hikes and training programs, we have implemented new protocols and made necessary modifications to how we operate. As the season progresses, we will provide updates on any adjustments to operations on this page.

Adventure Hikes

We have measures in place to ensure a safe pick-up and drop-off procedure when we come to your home.

The following procedures are in place for all pick-up and drop-offs:

    • All staff are wearing face masks
    • We are limiting our time inside your home as much as possible
    • We are no longer marking club cards (you can track your credits online via the booking site)

We do ask that if you or anyone in your household are in quarantine, feeling sick or have COVID-19 that you do not send your dogs with us during that time.

Group and Private Training

When attending our Group Training Classes, we ask that you:

    • Only have 1 member of your household attend class (due to rising Covid numbers locally)
    • Use a face covering at all times
    • Maintain physical distance and remain in your allocated station
    • Follow the directions of staff
    • Sanitize your hands on arrival and departure

We ask that you please do not attend Group Classes or Private Training if you:

    • Are feeling unwell / experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19
    • Have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19
    • Have travelled from outside of Canada and returned within the last 14 days
    • Have been told to self-isolate or are in quarantine
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